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In 1815, Thomas L. Stevens was born in Tyngsboro, MA.In 1869, he purchsed 160 acres of land which today is known as Stevensville, MI. In exchange for having a depot built on part of this land and being named after Stevens, he sold a portion of his acreage for $1.00 to the Chicago and West Michigan Lake Shore Railroad Company. In 1870, Stevens laid a plat and officially called this 160 acre piece of land Stevensville. On April 3, 1872 the plat was legally recorded at the Berrien County Court House in Berrien Springs, MI.  Passing a resolution, the Senate of the State of Michigan proclaimed the Village of Stevensville a chartered village in March of 1893.



Parks and Recreation

Stevensville has great culture
Stevensville has beautiful scenery, and, therefore, it also has parks.  Amongst them, are Grand Mere State Park, Silver Beach County Park, and Warren Dunes State Park.  These parks are famous and a hot spot for anyone looking for some recreation and outdoor activity.  It can serve as a place to throw a Frisbee, play sports like soccer and football, and just relax, read a book, or enjoy a picnic with family and friends. Riverview Drive Park is a great place to go boating and fishing if you desire to do so.  Not only do you have access to a park and what it can offer, but also the water.  You can swim, enjoy water activities like water skiing, and fish for some great food afterwards.



Attractions and Activities

Stevensville is home to several beaches, and that is why it is a great place to spend time and have fun in.  It is home to beaches like Glenlord Beach, New Buffalo Beach, and a few others.  Lots to do, lot to have fun.

Golf is for sure a favorite pastime in Stevensville.  Stevensville has several great, beautiful golf courses in town.  Lake Michigan Hills Golf Club, Paw Paw Lake Golf Club, Indian Lake Hills Golf Course, are all places where you can play, practice, and even get special lessons to refine your golf skills.

Shopping for antiques is very common and in demand in Stevensville. People love to decorate their homes with items that mark a certain time period or era. Arbor Antiques, Bob’s Hobby and Collector Shop, and the Great Lake Antique Mall, are great places to go shopping for such occasion.

Stevensville is also famous for having wineries. Places like the Round Barn Winery, Lemon Creek Winery, and the Taber Hill Winery, are a place for you to go and wine taste the best of the best of wines.
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Stevensville has great community

Stevensville hosts wonderful events throughout the year that are very unique and representative of Michigan culture. The Art of Beer Festival is one of them. At this event, people celebrate great American craft beers. Craft brewers from all over America will have a variety of different beers of all sorts and tastes for anyone to sample. The Winter Delights Festival is an event that allows one to come and taste the best wines from across the state, local cuisine, and live entertainment. A time to not only to be well nourished or taste great wine, but also get immersed in some great fun and culture.

Sharon Halliburton
Sharon Halliburton